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Protect Your Immigration Status In Your Criminal Defense Case

Protecting your legal status as a permanent resident or lawful immigrant to the United States can be as important to you as staying out of jail. The risk of deportation can be even more harmful than a short jail sentence if it will mean separation from your family or ruining your livelihood such as your business, employment or academic career at a college or university. It should be painfully obvious that in today’s political environment, that Immigrants are receiving additional scrutiny from Federal authorities.

Are You In The U.S. As A Tourist, On A Visa Or As A Permanent Resident — And Have You Been Charged With A Crime? ? Wes Ball Is A Skillful Texas Defense Attorney On Your Side.

You are no doubt aware of the risk to your immigration status after you have been charged with a crime such as:

  • Assault or any other violent crime
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol (DWI/DUI)
  • Fraud or any other white collar crime

Consideration of your immigration status is essential throughout your criminal case. Attorney Wes Ball in the Fort Worth area has a great deal of experience representing non-U.S. citizens. He knows that immigration issues may affect your plea bargain and other aspects of your case. He consults with attorneys who specialize in immigration law in complex cases requiring that expertise.

Wes Ball is concerned about your immigration problem as well as your criminal charges. He is prepared to confront your criminal charges aggressively with the goal of obtaining the best outcome that your case allows. Recent Immigration legal decisions require that your attorney keep abreast of changes. A recent case provides that many pretrial diversion programs that result in dismissal of charges are treated as convictions in Federal Immigration Court.

Worried About Criminal Defense, Immigration Status And Deportation? Contact Wes Ball, A Fort Worth Area Criminal Law Specialist.

We can advise you if you find yourself in trouble with the law. Take action today to protect your immigration status and your future in the face of a criminal arrest or accusations. Call Wes Ball at 817-860-5000. You may also email us to schedule a consultation.



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