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White Collar Crimes FAQ

What Kinds Of Offenses Are Considered White Collar Crimes?

In a nutshell: white collar crimes usually involve money. Fraud, embezzlement and Identity Theft are common white collar crimes.

Are They Misdemeanors Or Felonies? Are They State Or Federal Crimes?

Of course the larger the amount, the more serious the possible consequences. In many cases where the amount is large, the case could be prosecuted in federal court where the penalties are harsh under what are called the federal sentencing guidelines.

What Kind Of Defense Strategies Work Well In White Collar Crime Cases?

Evidence in a white collar case usually involves a paper trail of evidence. The reason you should contact a lawyer sooner rather than later is to evaluate the strength of the government’s case and prepare a defense. The government will have a team of investigators preparing a case against you. You should have a team of experts and investigators on your side to level the playing field.

What Government Agencies Get Involved In White Collar Crime Cases?

Investigation by law enforcement in white-collar offenses is usually conducted by more sophisticated agencies. These can include the FBI, United States Postal Inspector, Office of the Inspector General, IRS and economic crime divisions of state prosecutor’s offices. Wes Ball has vast experience in dealing with these investigative agencies in white-collar cases. Representation of clients in these cases frequently begins in the early investigative phase before any formal charges are filed.

Is The Defendant In A White Collar Crime Case An Individual Or A Business?

Sometimes, businesses and corporations are defendants in a white collar case. This adds to the complexity and potential conflicts of interests between individual employees and corporate interests. Companies under investigation for these types of offenses need to consult with experienced criminal defense counsel to guide them in these complex waters.



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