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‘My Child Has Been Arrested!’ Find Help Here.

Whether your son or daughter in trouble with the law is a minor or an adult, you as a parent are naturally concerned about ensuring that he or she gets the best legal advice and the greatest opportunities for a good outcome. Concerned family members are often our best allies in life. As a mother or father, you have come to the right place for the caliber of help you seek for:

  • A child or teenager charged with shoplifting, assault, vandalism or trespassing
  • A high school or college student charged with a drug crime, sex offense or resisting arrest
  • A college athlete or other scholarship recipient at risk of losing out on a top-notch college education because of a DWI arrest or criminal charges
  • A minor or young adult charged with online solicitation of a minor or child pornography as a result of “sexting”
  • A minor charged with a crime defined solely by the alleged perpetrator’s age, such as underage drinking
  • A teenager or young adult caught in a drug bust and charged with possession of marijuana or other drugs solely because roommates or friends were in possession and he or she was nearby

Nearly Three Decades Defending Young People And Working Closely With Families

Whatever the circumstances, Wes Ball is well-prepared to work with your son or daughter while implementing defense strategies designed to get results. He is ready defend your son or daughter zealously and knowledgeably in a juvenile court or any criminal court. He is a former prosecutor with more than 30 years of experience in private criminal defense practice.

Especially if your child is a minor, Wes will be working closely with you as well as with him or her. He will address your concerns, ensure that the young person understands opportunities and risks involved in choices made, and guide your family through this frightening ordeal. Wes shares your goal of being able to put the trouble behind you and move forward once again toward a productive and rewarding future.

Academic Administrative Disciplinary Representation

Your son or daughter may be at risk of expulsion from a high school, college or university because of allegedly breaking a school’s code of conduct. Even if there has been no arrest or court involvement, potential penalties at the institutional level can be severe. Many situations such as these threaten to ruin academic careers separate from any legal actions involving police. As experienced defense attorneys, we have successfully advocated on behalf of juveniles and college students before administrative boards handling disciplinary actions.

In Case A Young Person’s Case Involves Public Notoriety

Our clients’ cases have sometimes attracted local and national media attention, such as when well-known school athletes have been charged with crimes. Unfortunately, telling a reporter “No comment” is sometimes twisted by the media as an admission of guilt. Wes Ball has practiced the art of public relations and have a track record of managing media interactions for the sake of our clients’ reputations. He can take steps to protect your son’s or daughter’s public image in the event of a criminal matter attracting attention from TV, radio or newspaper outlets or social media.

Call Texas Lawyer, Wes Ball Today

When your teenager, young adult, son or daughter of any age needs legal advice and advocacy, we can help. We offer reassurance and real answers to parents calling us to say, “My child has been arrested!” or “What do we do now?” To reach Wes Ball, call 817-860-5000. Additionally, you can send an inquiry online to schedule a consultation. We pledge to respond promptly and walk you through the process of an aggressive, results-oriented defense.



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