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Juvenile Criminal Defense In And Around Arlington And Beyond

Young people are arrested for the same kinds of criminal law violations as adults. If your child is between 10 and 16 years old at the time of arrest, his or her case will be handled in juvenile court. If your child is 17 or older, the case will be tried in adult court. Juveniles under 17 can be certified to stand trial in adult court if the crime is serious enough.

Was your minor son or daughter accused of an offense such as possession of marijuana, underage drinking, theft or trespassing? Texas Defense Lawyer, Wes Ball has a great deal of experience helping both young people and their parents. Email us or call 817-860-5000 to let us know your concerns: ” My child has been arrested!” or “I’m afraid my son or daughter may be accused of a sex offense. Can we do anything to help prevent an arrest proactively?” We will do our best to answer your questions and guide you on a promising path forward.

Wes Ball is prepared to work closely with you and your child to arrive at a workable defense strategy. His years of experience representing adults, teenagers and children charged with crimes can be a great asset to you and your family during this time of worry and uncertainty.

Juvenile Court Offers Many Advantages Over Adult Court

One of the first orders of business for us as defense attorneys if we represent your juvenile son or daughter will be to do all that we can to keep the case in juvenile court. Juveniles who are accused of crimes are prosecuted in juvenile court, using a similar, but in many respects different system. The juvenile court and confinement facilities are separate from those used for adults.

It Is Worthwhile To Pursue The Best Outcome Attainable For Your Child

Even though juvenile cases are technically civil proceedings as opposed to full-scale criminal cases, these are still serious charges with serious consequences. If your child is adjudicated as a juvenile delinquent, he or she will have a record, which could affect him or her if later charged with a crime as an adult.

Juveniles may also receive indeterminate sentencing, in which they are sentenced to a juvenile detention center and then are transferred to adult prison when they reach age 17. We understand the value of keeping your family together if possible. Wes Ball has succeeded in achieving good outcomes for many young people.

In Case Evidence Is Compelling

With so much at stake, juveniles charged with offenses such as shoplifting or assault have as great a need for skilled advocacy as adults charged with crimes do. As an experienced defense attorney, Wes Ball is confident he can find every avenue to a favorable outcome such as “case dismissed” or reduction of charges. As is necessary, he will seek to help your family take advantage of all available rehabilitation resources, increasing the odds for a better future. In addition, Wes Ball can advise you in any school disciplinary proceeding that affects your child.

For Your Child’s Sake After An Arrest Or In The Face Of Accusations

Contact board-certified criminal law attorney Wes Ball in Arlington to discuss your child’s juvenile matter. Call 817-860-5000.



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