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Representing Defendants In Grand Jury Proceedings

You cannot be required to answer to a felony criminal charge unless a grand jury issues a formal charge called an indictment. In some jurisdictions, most criminal cases go directly and first to a grand jury. This is frequently the case in Federal court. In most state jurisdictions, a complaint charging you with a felony offense has already been filed. Since the case is a felony, it must later be timely presented to a grand jury. A Texas grand jury is composed of twelve people. At least 9 of the twelve must vote “true” before an indictment can be issued. If less than 9 vote “true” the case ends in what is termed a No Bill which means the case is dropped.

Grand jury proceedings are done behind closed doors and are secret proceedings. Typically, a prosecutor presents a hearsay summary of the police investigation and makes a recommendation for indictment or No Bill. The criminal code provides that defense counsel can request and make a presentation to the grand jury. This can be a very important opportunity to help our clients to avoid an indictment.

Wes Ball Has Abundant Experience And A Strong Track Record Representing Clients Whose Cases Go To Grand Juries

If Wes is hired at the early stages of the case, he can determine if there is the ability to have influence on the grand jury decision. When that is the case, Wes can prepare presentations to the grand jury as advocates on your behalf. Wes has considerable success in securing No Bills for our clients in those cases we identify them as candidates for defense grand jury presentations.

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