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Ready To Defend You In Your Federal Crime Case In Texas

Federal crimes typically involve higher dollar values (in white collar crimes), and higher quantities of controlled substances (in drug crimes).

Federal crimes also differ from state crimes in terms of procedures, laws, rules of evidence and potential punishments. If you are charged with or being investigated for a federal crime, it is important that you contact an attorney experienced in the federal court system. Wes Ball has substantial experience defending clients in federal criminal cases.

From the office location in Arlington, Wes defends clients from federal charges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and throughout the Northern District of Texas.

Federal criminal law violations can include:

  • Possession or delivery or possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance
  • Money laundering
  • Mail fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Conspiracy
  • Computer crimes
  • Internet crimes
  • Child pornography
  • Federal drug charges
  • Firearms and weapons offenses
  • Federal program and contract fraud
  • Anti-racketeering law violations
  • Civil rights violations

If you are subject to arrest, charge or investigation for any one of these federal crimes, just any criminal defense lawyer experienced in state criminal defense will not do. You need an attorney who has experience in the federal court system.

Free Consultation — Contact A Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a federal crime, you need legal counsel from an attorney with abundant experience representing clients in federal courts. Board-certified criminal specialist, Wes Ball has that experience. Ask questions about your federal criminal matter and we will explain how we can help. For Wes Ball, call 817-860-5000.



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