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Defense For Individuals Charged With Computer Crimes.

Your computer-focused criminal charges may involve computer evidence such as email messages or files stored on a computer hard disk drive. If you have been charged with a crime that involves computers, mobile devices such as cellphones or the Internet, it’s important to hire a lawyer with experience gathering and analyzing computer evidence — an important part of Wes Ball’s Texas law practice. Wes has developed considerable experience in understanding how computers, computer data and other computer related devices work. His vast experience in the workings of the Internet and its relationship to criminal cases. Prosecutors and law enforcement during serious investigations will review your Facebook and other postings.

Facing Allegations Of Internet Or Computer Crimes?

The world of computers is the setting of many people’s everyday life in countless arenas, including social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Shapchat and Twitter. Emails have become a preferred method of communicating. navigation systems and location software is captured by cellphones. Cellphones are literally small computers holding vast amounts of personal data.

With so many human interactions taking place by computer, it should come as no surprise that criminal charges often involve computers and computer evidence, including:

  • Hard-drive data storage
  • Digital Media
  • Internet activities such as social media postings
  • Financial transactions
  • Satellite GPS location data

When faced with a criminal offense that relies on computer evidence for either the prosecution or defense side of the case, an understanding of computers and computer forensics is important. Wes Ball has experience with computer and cellphone forensic software e.g. Cellebrite (for phones & mobile devices) and EnCase (computers).

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