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Family Violence

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Many domestic violence charges result when police are called to a residence after a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or sibling calls 911. Even if family members tell police they don’t want to press charges, Prosecutor’s offices have no-drop policies in place. Police agency policy is usually to make an arrest on the scene. This means that if police are called to someone’s residence, somebody is going to jail that night and will face criminal charges.

Most cases of assault or domestic violence are Class A misdemeanors, punishable by up to one year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine. If the injury is serious or involves the use of a weapon, it can be charged as aggravated assault, a felony subject to a state prison sentence. Repeat offenders can also be charged with a felony. Some cases involve a charge of violation of a protection order in family court.

A common domestic violence offense that we encounter is often referred to as impaired breathing or circulation, also termed choking. This variety of assault is a felony subjecting you to up to ten years in prison, even for a first offense. Many times, we are successful at the grand jury level or in the trial court in getting this more serious charge dropped.

Criminal defense lawyer Wes Ball takes domestic violence and assault charges very seriously. He never suggests that you plead guilty to a charge without a full understanding of how the conviction would affect your life from this point forward.

Even if you are given probation on an assault or domestic violence charge, the conviction will have serious collateral consequences on your life. For example, if a police officer is charged with domestic violence and resolves it by pleading guilty, taking a family violence course, and going on probation, his law enforcement career is over because he will no longer be permitted to carry a weapon. Possessing, purchasing or transporting a firearm after a domestic violence conviction is a violation of federal law.

Sometimes charges of domestic violence are used to retaliate against a spouse. These charges occur frequently in divorce cases, when they may be used by a spouse to gain leverage in a child custody or property settlement dispute. If you are innocent of the charge of spousal abuse, Wes Ball will provide you an aggressive defense and ensure that your rights are protected.

If you did commit the act, Wes Ball will attempt to resolve the charges without a conviction. If often helps your case to enroll in counseling and anger-management classes. He frequently works with family law attorneys handling divorce and custody matters for our clients. By working closely together, he can improve the outcome not only in the criminal courts, but in the family courts.

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