Wes Ball Law, PLLC

Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.
Practice limited to defense of criminal cases in both State and Federal Courts
Serving all jurisdictions in North Texas including Arlington, Fort Worth & Tarrant County.

Wes Ball


Board Certified in
Criminal Law 1
Board Certified in
Criminal Law
Former Assistant
District Attorney
Former Assistant
District Attorney
Texas Super Lawyer
(current) 2
Texas Super Lawyer
Long Term 3 Criminal
Long Term Criminal
Only Representation by
Criminal Specialist 4
Representation by
Criminal Specialist
Practice Limited Only
to Criminal Defense 5
Practice Limited to
Criminal Defense

Can You Risk Your Future, Freedom And Reputation On Less Than All Of These Criteria?

[1] Attorney Wes Ball is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

[2] Wes Ball has been named a Texas Super Lawyer in Criminal Law every year since 2008. Wes has this recognition for the current year. Texas Super Lawyer recognition is awarded to less than 5% of all lawyers through a rigid process that involves nomination and recognition by professional colleagues, validation through third party research and review by a panel of highly credentialed attorneys. Check the Texas Super Lawyer website to verify current recognition.

[3] Experience as a former prosecutor is valuable as an insight into our opponent in Court. However, criminal defense requires extensive experience in criminal defense. Wes Ball will not be learning the defense side of criminal law on your case. Wes has over 35 years of criminal defense practice.

[4] You will be represented in all phases of your case by Wes Ball, a Board Certified Criminal Lawyer Specialist Texas Super Lawyer with substantial criminal defense experience. At no phase of your case will you be represented by an inexperienced junior associate or attorney that you meet for the first time at the courthouse. Ask any attorney you interview if they will be your attorney in court.

[5] Wes Ball does not dabble in criminal defense, he specializes in it. Although licensed to do so, Mr. Ball does not practice in other areas of law such as personal injury, divorces and family law .



Wes Ball

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