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Wes Ball

Cases Defended By Wes

(Client names are intentionally withheld in recognition of client privacy and the attorney-client privilege. All information included below is part of the public record)

  • Client charged with DWI with a blood test result of 0.32 (legal limit is 0.08). Case went to trial before a Tarrant County jury. After 1 hour of deliberations, verdict returned of “Not Guilty.”
  • Client charged with Felony – DWI and Habitual Offender. Client had 8 prior DWI convictions and was on parole from a 10 years prison sentence for the last conviction. Client failed the breath test. Punishment range for a Habitual Offender under Texas law is 25-99 years or Life imprisonment. Careful strategy and trial experience resulted in a sentence of 6 months jail confinement, the client having rejected a plea bargain offer of 30 years imprisonment.
  • Client arrested for DWI after being stopped for traveling 110 MPH on the freeway. Client is seen asleep in the back of the police car on video. Jury deliberated 30 minutes before returning verdict of “Not Guilty.”
  • Client stopped for traffic violation and discovered in possession of Bud-Lite beer in console of vehicle. Client failed breath test with a result of .15 (legal limit .08). At trial, the methodology of administering the breath test was challenged. After 30 minutes of deliberations, the jury returned its verdict of “Not Guilty.”
  • Client charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. After rejecting a plea bargain offer of deferred probation to a reduced (non-sex offense registration charge) case proceeded to trial before a jury. After deliberations, the jury returned its verdict of “Not Guilty.”
  • Client indicted for the offense of Capital Murder (punishment either life imprisonment or death). Evidence included testimony of girlfriend who was present and witnessed the offense, testimony of client’s mother, step-father, brother and sister that client had confessed to the Capital Murder. After several hours of deliberations, the jury announced it was “hung” 8 for acquittal and 4 for guilty.
  • Client who was law enforcement officer indicted for sexual assault. After extensive cross-examination of alleged victim, jury returned its verdict of “Not Guilty.”
  • Successfully negotiated probation sentence for client indicted in murder where victim was beaten to death. Codefendants received sentences of 45 years imprisonment and 10 years imprisonment.
  • Client indicted for intoxication manslaughter in connection with his broadside vehicle collision deaths of two young ladies. Blood test result was in excess of 0.20. After rejecting plea bargain offer of prison time, jury trial resulted in client receiving probation.
  • Juvenile charged with Aggravated Assault causing serious bodily injury. Victim was assaulted resulting in a broken jaw requiring surgery. Jury returned a verdict of “Not Guilty.”
  • Client/Physician charged in Federal Court with Health Care Fraud involving fraudulent billing to insurance companies. Federal Sentencing Guidelines directed a Federal Prison sentence. At sentencing, Federal Judge was persuaded to grant a probation sentence instead of prison confinement. Codefendant physician was sentenced to a term in Federal prison despite a lesser amount of fraudulent billing.
  • Client indicted for DWI manslaughter involving the traffic death of his passenger. Client had previous conviction for DWI. After rejecting plea bargain offers of a prison sentence, case was settled for a reduced charge with a probation sentence. Case required accident reconstruction experts and toxicologists that convinced the prosecuting attorney to revise his plea offer.
  • Client on 3 ten year probations for Delivery Controlled Substances 4 – 400 grams. Client charged with DWI, resulting in Motion to Revoke Probation. Probation was reinstated. Same client charged with Delivery of Controlled Substance 28 – 200 grams, while still on probation. Based on legal research demonstrating an illegal arrest and search, new Delivery case was “No-Billed” by Grand Jury (dropped) and client’s probation reinstated.
  • Arresting officer was cross-examined at Client’s Driver’s License Suspension hearing. Later at trial, the jury returned a “Not Guilty” verdict after officer is impeached with transcript of prior testimony.
  • Client charged indicted for Intoxication Manslaughter which involved the death of a child in a vehicle that was T boned. Blood alcohol was 0.12 over legal limit of 0.08. Challenge to admissibility of warrantless blood draw denied by trial court. On appeal, Court held blood draw was unconstitutional and reversed case overturning conviction and prison sentence.
  • Client indicted for offense of Capital Murder. After arguing issue for over a year that only evidence was accomplice witness testimony which is legally insufficient, District Attorney dismisses all charges and client released from jail.

This list depicts just a few of the successful results we have achieved for our clients. We would like the opportunity to discuss results for cases similar to your own situation at a free consultation.

Results are dependent on a number of factors which include the skill and experience level of the defense attorney, the skill of the prosecutor, the facts of the case and whether law enforcement investigators did their job properly.



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