Our Firm Defends Professionals With Licensing At Stake

Criminal defense of licensed professionals is both a delicate and highly consequential endeavor. The outcome of a criminal case can impact the career of a doctor, dentist, nurse, accountant, architect, engineer, lawyer, pilot or transportation professionals or any other licensed professional on many levels, including:

  • The criminal matter itself involving whatever court has jurisdiction
  • Professional licensing and the corresponding professional licensing board(s)
  • Potential media coverage, social media exposure and a reputation at risk

Criminal Matters Involving A Professional Practice

Sometimes the criminal matter involves the professional practice itself, and investigations will occur. This is the case when there are allegations of fraud, embezzlement, misapplication of fiduciary property, money laundering, tax crimes and other white collar crimes

Criminal Matters Occurring In A Professional's Private Life That May Impact Licensing Or Reputation

In other cases, the criminal matter takes place outside of the context of the professional practice, but a conviction — or even criminal charges before any conviction occurs — can threaten a professional practice. An arrest for fraud, theft or substance abuse offenses for example has professional as well as criminal implications.

Consultation with experts and outside legal counsel for professional license defense

At Ball & Hase, we consult with other professionals when necessary.

Our Experience And Readiness To Defend You And Your Professional Practice

Our attorneys at Ball & Hase in Arlington have a great deal of experience skillfully representing professionals of all types in cases falling in all these categories. We are prepared to fight on your behalf to help you keep or recover your professional license. In criminal cases, we will keep in mind potential harm to your professional license when advising you on how to plead or testify before a prosecutor, judge or jury. We work extensively with expert attorneys that focus on administrative law representation before professional licensing boards and have a resource of recommended attorneys that engage in this work. Our clients come from throughout the Fort Worth area and beyond.

We Are Ready To Help Protect Your Professional Credentials

To schedule a consultation, call Wes Ball at 817-860-5000 and Don Hase at 817-261-7711 or email us. We welcome the opportunity to explain how we can help. If you are not a U.S. citizen, we will consider how to protect your immigration status through all phases and aspects of your case.