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A Criminal Charge Is A Serious Event In Anyone's Life

Your Future Matters

The potential of punishment after a criminal arrest may include the loss of liberty now and a burdened, tarnished future stemming from a criminal conviction. Effects may go far beyond the punishment sanctions in criminal court. A criminal case demands highly experienced professional legal representation.

Collateral consequences of a conviction and a criminal record can include damage to one's career and employment prospects in the future. Background checks are now commonplace by employers, lending institutions, apartment landlords and others.

To protect your rights and freedom, you should have an experienced criminal law specialist preparing your legal defense as early as possible. The criminal law specialists at Ball & Hase are available to evaluate your case and help you map out a promising path forward.

Our Experience Is Extensive

The criminal defense lawyers at Ball & Hase in Arlington, Texas, represent people exclusively with criminal charges or under criminal investigation in State and Federal courts. We do not dabble in criminal defense, we specialize in it. Whether the case is State or Federal, our clients turn to us for a strong defense.

Someone accused of a crime faces the overwhelming resources of the government. Law enforcement officers and prosecutors have a wide range of resources at their disposal to collect evidence to be used in court against you. A skilled defense attorney can level the playing field. The lawyers in this firm are here to protect your rights and identify effective defense strategies on your behalf. Our vast experience has prepared us to represent people zealously and effectively in the investigative stages, at trial, in plea negotiations, and on appeal in Texas State and Federal courts. We also handle bond hearings, probation revocation and expungements.

Specialization in criminal law allows us to stay on top of emerging trends in investigation techniques, such as increasingly sophisticated surveillance and forensics.


We Are Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Know What It Takes

If you face criminal charges, you should be represented by an experienced attorney who understands the complexities of the criminal justice system. As criminal law specialists and former prosecutors, we have the knowledge and perspective to match and meet our client's opponent - the government prosecutor - confidently.

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If you have been charged with a crime in Texas, contact a Board-Certified criminal law attorney at Ball & Hase in Arlington.

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